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Hazelbrook - Blue Mtns

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By twotommos - Posted on 21 January 2015

Hi can anyone tell me where the entry point to the single track section in Hazelbrook is? Is it fairly easy to find one's way around without getting too lost? Is the trail in good condition?

I've seen the section down to the dam, which I think is another ride.

I've got a group of varied ability teenagers going with me and wanted to pick a trail up there that would be a good all round trail and some fun.

Apparently there is also a bike hire place nearby, anyone know the name of it?


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Unfortunately there is not a designated entry/start and it isn't so easy to navigate. Its one of those places you just have to keep exploring or get lucky with a local guide.

Bike hire is available in Woodford

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Thanks Chopstir that's helpful. Would you recommend the ride down to the dam or the Oaks...keeping in mind that we'll need to return back to Woodford.Or is there anything else to consider for a mixed ability group?

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When are you planning on riding? depending on when, I could show you around, I live 400m from the trail head. The dam is a good loop but has a few choice climbs but then so does the oaks. You could easily spend half a day riding trails here if you know where to go.

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