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Cars Broken Into & Vandalised At Ourimbah MTb

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By fh6162 - Posted on 24 January 2015

Hi guys,
I've just received a phone call from a mate and I wanted to pass it on to give you all a heads up......yesterday morning (Fri 23 Jan) my mates car & several others were broken into at Ourimbah Mtb .....bricks were thrown through the windows to gain entry once inside they ransacked & smashed up the interiors even damaged the 2 horse floats parked there....I have parked at the track for years throughout the week without a problem, I'll be having second thoughts from now on.


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Shit! That's bad!

I've never had problem there. Hope it's a one off.

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Wow that sucks. What time did this all happen?

I would have thought that with the amount of traffic through that carpark, something like this would never happen?!

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