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Finding the trails at Ourimbah

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By MarcT - Posted on 03 March 2015

How hard is it to find the trails at Ourimbah by myself? I've never been out there but plan on going this weekend and was wondering how much fun one can have without actually knowing the trails. And what are the downhill tracks like, being more of a more fun down that up guy?

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You won't have any problems finding your way around. The XC track is well marked as is the downhill and in any event, if you are there on the weekend you won't be the only one.

Also I know the local MTB club is holding an XC race on Sunday, 8 Mar 15, so unless you want to go for a race you might want to give it a miss, that said the Downhill track should still be right to ride.

Further details can be found here:

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Great thanks. Was planning to go on Saturday so I should be fine.

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Ended up catching up with a local this morning, Grant, and had a blast. This was one of the best days on the bike I had in a long time. The trails out there are just awesome. The DH and AM just my kind of stuff and even the XC trail had some nice features to keep you concentrated..that roll down behind a rock, far out that was fun. I'll be out there more often now. Easy and chilled drive, nice area, awesome trails.

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