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Joke: A priest, minister and rabbi on an MTB

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By Tristania - Posted on 13 February 2015

I burst out laughing when I thought this up the first time and couldn't resist sharing. First time most people will compare a water bottle to the family's jewels...

A Baptist minister, a Catholic priest and a rabbi walked into a bike shop at the same time to each buy themselves a nice new mountain bike (immediately you will realize this is a joke). Since they were all there together, they decide to take their bikes for their inaugural ride together on the local mountain bike track.
However, before they went out, the priest insisted on finding the hose outside the shop. The other two curiously watched as the priest sprinkled water on the handlebars of the bike and asked him what he was doing. "I'm baptizing it!" the priest proudly stated, "In Catholicism, when there is a new member of the family, it must receive the rite of baptism!"

So eventually, they set off on the ride and had lots of fun going over jumps, corners and hills (The priest must have gotten very sweaty riding uphill in the robes!), until they got to a water crossing. The priest and rabbi rode over the bridge, but the minister went right through the creek, which was waist deep, to the extent that the bike was fully submerged (of course he fell off!). The others asked why he did that when there was clearly a bridge. The minister explained that in the Baptist tradition, a baptism consists of a full immersion to completely cleanse one from their old life.

As they continued on, still having a great time, the rabbi thought and thought and thought. Finally it struck him! He grabbed out his pocket knife on his multi-tool and cut the mouthpiece off the attached water bottle.

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Terrible, but chuckle worthy xD

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