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Specialised Roubaix stolen from Mount St

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By Chrisso - Posted on 18 February 2015

Just reporting that my all white Specialised Roubiax was stolen from inside a security bike lockup Mount Street North Sydney and cable cut and past security camera. Gutted. I wonder if insurance coming to party. Lesson, only ride shit bikes to work. Frame number ends with 259078B

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Was this by any chance a government building where the security camera manager is an asshole who makes it hard to get the footage?

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Crap I work in Mount St! That sucks, hope it turns up.

I sometimes ride my mtb to work and use 2 D locks cos I'm paranoid.

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My mate had his high end Willier road bike stolen from a bike cage in the city - guy caught on video also and he cut through the lock. Apparently the North Sydney police arrested him yesterday with my mate's bike and four other italian bikes. He's a junky already on bail for some other bike thefts!

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Good news about the arrest!

Just had a look at our bike cage closely the other week and if the thief is small enough then there is a gap up high where they can get into the cage. Then it's a matter of picking whichever bike is not secured with a lock, punching the exit button, and walking out.


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