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Anyone up for an Andersons + Oaks this sunday ?

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By Alysum - Posted on 08 May 2008

I'm thinking of riding Andersons + Oaks this sunday. I didn't get a chance to ride the late one organised here.

So would anyone be interested in a medium-fast paced ride catching the 9.23am train from Glenbrook (or 8.18am from Central) ?
I didn't do the Dirtworks last weekend Sad which is why I'm keen for this long ride Smiling


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Hmmmm... something gentle this weekend me thinks Eye-wink

I also hear they are 'working' on the Oaks Trail monday-friday until May 30 so watch out for graders and other equipment on the track.

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I'll keep an eye for them Smiling

yeah I thought most people would want to do something gentle after the DW ! that's why I didn't bother posting this late idea in the rides section.


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