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Appin WWS

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By Eyeball - Posted on 13 May 2008

I'm looking for 1 or 2 people to join us in a 3 or 4 person team. We are not going to win but will have a good time. The Appin round is on Sunday, 25/5/08. We will camp over on Saturday, but you can arrive on the morning if you prefer.

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Yeah, the shamefully named team of Bruce, Ev & I entered on Friday and had a blast yesterday.

Well, I had a blast, Ev had a crash and Cupcake had to do the final lap of pain 'cos of said silly name.

Hope you got a crew sorted and made the race, the track was awesome. Would recommend everyone check it out:

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Got a team of three there (my tent in the back ground of the photo). Loved the track, always interesting. Expensive week at the bike shop comming up, but worth it! Will be at Killi', mixed threes 'The Elvis Project'. The name is inspired by our nutritional and training regime, not our taste in music.
See you there.

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