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night rides in Northern Sydney (Hornsby area)

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By dwboon - Posted on 15 June 2015

Hi all,
Looking to do some night rides this winter.
Got a sick new light want to make use of.
Anyone know of some good trails near Hornsby ?
(Apparently not cool to do night rides at old mans valley)
Any body else keen or know of some organized rides in Northern Sydney area?
Anyone heading out regular and wouldn't mind a tag along?
Are the regular Terry Hills rides still still happening?
Cheers Dan

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I would also be kind of interested. I live near Castle Hill and so would be looking at rides around Berowra Valley (Quarry rd) or Marramarra or LNCP I guess. Am somewhat hesitant in tackling these in the dark solo though. A slight complication for me is that I rarely get home till after 7 of weeknights.

Something stupid - all I could think of initially was the GNR song 'nighttrain' and the lyric "I'm on the nightrain, ready to crash and burn, I never learn".

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I'd be interested in some rides at night, just not available on Thursday nights

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night riding is great

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Yeah after 7pm could work after my kids go to bed.
Probably Tuesday or Fridays
Been trying to look up some places to ride.
Been told of Glenorie Rd to Bobbin head rd?
Keen to try something new
And be good to ride with someone else at night.
Let me know that could work.
Cheers Dan

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where's that trail?

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