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NoBMoB Represent NSW State Series Wagga Wagga round 2

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By Supagav - Posted on 19 May 2008

Once again NoBMoB (sponsored???) riders featured in the podium at last weekends state champs held out west at Wagga. The track out there is such a pleasure to ride that the race was almost over to fast, the track had a nice tight singletrack climb up to the fireroad to start which put us on to a SWEET bit of downhill singletrack. the track climbed back to the highest point then a good 2km worth flowing (mostly)downhill singletrack took back to the Start/Finish line.
I will be going back there at some stage im sure of that!!!

Anyways Results are as follows:
Carl Groover 3rd in Masters Men
mtbasn.alex 2nd in Under 19 Men
Supagav 1st in Expert Men
Alex's little brother also came in 2nd in Under 17 Men.

As the next State round is to be raced in our own backyard (venue to be confirmed) it would be great to have a few more NoBMoBers there. Will post details when they are available.

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Awesome to see Nobmobers on the podium, but this was round #2 of the State series not the champs.

The state XC Champs will be held by WMTB at Appin on the 17th August.

In the mean time #3 is on At Blue Gums 15th June and probably at Killi as Awaba isn't ready yet) 20th July

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fixed the heading. Good to here that the course is going to be at Blue Gums, will be nice to get the chance to ride a new track.

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Here is a link to photos taken last weekend.

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Guys, what a great effort.

Supagav 1st place -awesome.
John and Alex - fantastic effort, how close were you to 1st place?

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close, I got my butt kicked by 2min 10sec, this guy rode up hills like they weren't there! My race time would have got me 1st place in Veterans but I'm too old to ride that category Eye-wink Anyhow the track was so much fun I think it's my favourite XC track. The Bright Orange Events website still says that round 3 at Blue Gum Lodge is TBC, do you have some inside knowledge about this Flynny? I've ridden the Blue Gum track only once as it's on private land and can only be ridden on organised races, it's also a beauty with Brian Price (WSMTB's fastest) having a fair input into it's design and construction.

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nice to see you flying the nobmob flag(well, top and knicks!). alex, couldnt see a photo of you but know you wear a blackmans kit. cant they just get a nobmob jersey and put a little blackmans badge on it somewhere discreet!

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Last info I had it will be at Yellowmundee. Blue Gum Lodge are happy enough for WSMTB to hold races there when they don't have other bookings but the other users pay a lot more than we do so they get priority.

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That it may still be at Blue Gum if Stuart can turn his mike down/off.

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