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OMV - any way to link to Quarry rd Dural via Pogson's trig?

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By jubaeg - Posted on 24 August 2015

I had my first taste of OMV yesterday morning and loved it. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if it is possible to ride / hike a bike between Pogson's trig and down to the fishponds and then back up to OMV?

Reason I ask is that I'm coming from the hills and as I can't do Quarry rd after 9AM, then if there was a way I could do Pogson then I wouldn't have to drive all the way to OMV.

Thanks to all who have contributed to OMV. Not that my personal rating means much, however I think I'd rate it close to Wylde as its closer to home and has an amazing amount of challenge packed into such a compact track.

A big thanks also to Nigel for sharing your CO2 canisters with my mate.

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if you can get to H2O at westleigh then there's a trail from the fire station to Valley Road but you will have a nice long steep road climb out to OMV, going back is a little better except for the stair case at the end.

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Thanks GRFish. I guess what I'm really after is whether there are any options to crossing Berowra valley South of Quarry rd but not having to go as far South as Boundary rd.

I haven't yet had a chance to explore the firetrails around Westleigh and Cherrybrook, so will have to do some recon.

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Hey @jubaeg, I ride from Quarry rd Dural both before and after 9 am, and see many other riders, runners and walkers on the track.

I've also ridden down the track from the trig point, and from where you can't ride any longer you'll have at least a 200 m hard walk with a bike and a couple of drops down to the fishponds. Once across, you have another 50-100m walk before it's a fire road you could ride to Rosemead Rd then up the road to OMV.

I'll keep riding the Quarry Rd track!

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Thanks for the intel Trim. I'll do a recon at some point but good to know that its not impossible just not ridable.

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I understand and share peoples' frustration about the access restrictions being placed on QRT. It's very frustrating. But we need to take care about breaking the rules then declaring it on this website. QRT is in a regional park, managed by NPWS. And there are very vocal groups who would like to see us locked out completely.

I've attended and spoken at public meetings and council meetings, and I can assure you our opponents are watching this forum and using anything they can as evidence against us. So please consider following the rules, and at the very least taking care what your post here.


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Thanks for the intel JP. Yes, that is precisely why I was asking, and why for example I didn't ride QRT on the weekend when I visited OMV as I knew that I wouldn't be able to make the return leg prior to 9AM [or at least not on the same day as I suspect I was being overly optimistic thinking I could frolic on OMV and do QRT!]

What I'm interested in is seeing if there are ways to transit from the Western side of the valley to the Eastern that isn't QRT, Galston Gorge or Boundary rd.

I'll check out if I have enough motivation to tackle hike a bike from Pogsons.

From my perspective I just assume that after 9AM and before 4:30PM QRT is a no go zone.

If only there were something as awesome as OMV at Fred Caterson reserve or somewhere similar in the hills!

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