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Single Track Training

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By Pyrate - Posted on 31 August 2015

Just wondering if any NobMobbers have a particular view on where is best to do some training on single track in advance of the Kowalski Classic?

I had been thinking OMV and Wylde primarily, but wondered if there was any other area people thought was good value and appropriate for the trails of the Kow.

Any advice?

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Wylde would be very good to get some nice 'stay off the brakes' flow going on. That is a lot of what you will be riding at Kowen.
If you had the chance to ride Gahnia or Serrata down by the Dam - they too would help with some rock steps and drops.

But Wylde would be the best bang for buck - leaning into berms, pre-jumping little lips in the trail.

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So would you recommend a dropper post Ant?

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Hi Hawkeye - no, that wont be necessary. I have probably overstated the tech aspects of the course. It is literally one trail down and one trail up that are slightly more technical than others there.
Its just a few rock roll-overs and then a few little step ups (hence the name 'Staiway to Heaven').
There is nothing so steep that just getting your weight back wont be enough for. I rode it again on Sunday and found it a fair bit easier than the first time I rode it, and already noticed some B-lines appearing around some of the rocks.
Its nothing as techo as the entrance filters for Gahnia or Serrata. Speed will be your friend on these things, as well as the knowledge that all the 'features' have a good roll-off on the other side - even if sometimes its unsighted. Trust in the trail builders - they have done a superb job, and you can only imagine how long some of the elements have taken to build. Its really impressive.

I am sure all will be fine and will really enjoy what is a super fun set of new trails to finish the race off..

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