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Westleigh after rain

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By jbsp1 - Posted on 16 December 2015

Hey guys, just wondering what Westleigh is like after rain. Eg ride tomorrow

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Normally pretty good but this is some pretty exceptional weather. Judging by the radar that area got quite a bit.

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sick of the dam?

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We need more singletrack.

It's ridiculous that the largest riding population in Australia has less than 20km of legal singletrack at 4 locations each a minimum of an hours drive from each other.

We need a network of epic flow trails *around* the headlands, not just boring bloody out and back firetrails on the ridgelines.

Complain to your local politicians this Christmas. Kick a NIMBY in the shins. 'Tis the season to be jolly! Eye-wink

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Woohoo Smiling

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... almost a definite maybe. Another half decade should reveal the true story....

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H2O as we know it will never be the same again.
Such a shame. A new section has opened up and it's just phenomenal. Right amount of tech.
Kudos to the trail fairies involved.

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We can only hope that the trail gets lengthened.
I was there last week, where is the new section?

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found it this morning,
I must ride with my eyes shut

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You aren't riding with your eyes shut you are just having too much fun riding and not looking around so much , it was the same when I used to ride there having fun is better than looking out for new tracks . Wish I was still in Sydney riding the trails I loved when I started riding but Newcastle Glenrock does it for me now . Westleigh was where I started taking my eldest boy to get into mtb it was good for him because we can do different lengths and not the whole loop .

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