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Round and round we go where we stop only 7 hours knows

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By ahein - Posted on 10 April 2016

Hawk, llama and the honey badger
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I entered my first lap race after an invite from @sikllama to do the 7 hour singleton round of the shimano gp. At the start of my day at 4:15am I was questioning my decision to do the race as that seemed an rather ungodly hour to get up on a Saturday morning. But I got myself into the car and picked up @hawkeye on the way. We arrived at around 7:30 and found the perfect spot to set up right amongst the big guys of the race, which is where we belonged Eye-wink.

The start was interesting as sikllama took the first lap and I was left there watching him go passed at high speed on his first lap, it felt very odd to hear the gun go and not be riding. We set out our race order and I was off last of the 3 racers.

My first lap was good, spent most of it behind team prawn and found myself wondering who might be the dodgy prawn!!! This lap maybe gave me false hopes on times for the remainder of the day (never got into the 25's Sad guys, but not from a lack of trying). But was lapping well around 27/28 mins although the legs were not liking me too much as the day went on.

The track was really good fun and loved hitting up all the a lines, the only one I didn't do was the last one between the trees. That was until the last lap, I decided that I may not be back at the track any time soon and the photographers were there so it would be rude not to do it right. Turns it it wasn't as hard as it looked and was faster, so I should have just done it from lap 1.

It was a really well run event with a good atmosphere and everyone was very pleasant on course letting the faster guys and girls through.

So thanks to my team hawk, llama and the honey badger it was a good day out and was good to meet some new nobmobers and hearing there experience of the day. I think everyone I spoke to enjoyed it.

Finally I have to give a massive thanks to my wife for letting me go off for a full day of mountain biking while she looked after our 2 little boys.

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You were strong all day mate, and you're right - behind most riders of our age there is an understanding wife/gf at home (or at the track!) looking after kids etc. As we were talking about during the race, it pays to choose your partner wisely hahaha!

You need to post the photo of your tailwhip if it comes out during the week.

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Pressure is on now if the photo looked better in my head than what comes out on camera Eye-wink

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