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How good is Ourimbah?

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By Fatboy - Posted on 25 June 2016

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Shimano MTB GP Round 4 - Ourimbah
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I’m going to indulge in this write up because it turned out to be significant!

On the way home from the race Liz told me she had something pop up on Facebook saying today was exactly 12 months since my first ride after my big accident – I was off the bike for 95 days. Today was also my first podium result in a race.

So back up a few days, I was training ok and knew if I finished top 6 today I’d secure 3rd for the series with 1 round to go. Then I came down with a cold… The last 3 days I’ve struggled to get out of bed.

Normally I’m meticulous with preparation and cut out alcohol for a couple of days before a race and make sure I hydrate etc. Last night I was home alone so polished off a bottle of Shiraz feeling sorry for myself and just threw everything in the car with none of the usual checks.

We set up at Ourimbah with Adam & Daniel from NoBMob and as I started getting ready I realized I had no helmet. Of course…

Some nice bloke heard me carrying on about it and went and fetched his kids helmet. Liz kept taking the piss all day – my expensive bike and clothing and this ill fitting lid with big visor that totally didn’t match my outfit ☺

So the race starts and I felt good. In fact my cold didn’t bother me much other than the constant flow of mucus. I hadn’t ridden Ourimbah for a few years and there were some changes so missed the awesome drops offs a couple of times not paying attention to signage.

I kept thinking how I wasn’t noticing aches & pains because I was enjoying the course so much. It was one of those races where you could basically crash every corner so needed maximum concentration. Being cold I started with arm warmers and intended taking them off after 1st lap but decided as I was bashing trees with my arms all the time I needed the protection. Great decision looking around at the finish at all the bloodied arms.

I was flying blind all race as Liz texts my position and gaps normally but we had mobile reception problems so I had no idea until 3rd last lap when she said I was 4th when I changed bottles so that kept me keen.

I finished my next lap with 2mins before cutoff so got to go again which I was unusually happy about as I enjoyed the track so much. Liz said to me at the bottle swap I may as well coast the last lap as I’d secured 4th and I agreed so just took it easy. About half way around I got a text “3”. WTF? I would have gone harder earlier if I knew I was in for a podium. This lifted me and I picked up the pace for the back half of the lap.

It was very pleasing to cross the line in 3rd and of course my 7yo daughter out did me again by coming 1st in the kiddies race.

Standing with my mate @doc at presentations he handed me his phone asking if I could take a podium shot. I grinned and told him it would have to be a selfie. We had a good chuckle and it was good to have a mate up there with me. Apart from having my family there it was also great to have my mate, coach & sometimes psychologist Gordo there to witness it also.

Home now, the head back to full congestion, feeling crap but satisfied

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Great result and great day. You definitely deserve the podium after the long hard slog you have had getting back on the bike

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Good to meet you today and well done with 3rd!

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well done ! I recognized your jersey and I'm sure I was riding behind you at certain points
Ourimbah is a nice track indeed

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.. great result and infectious enthusiasm!

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Great work Craig well done mate on the podium. Must get back up to Ourimbah soon - its been too long.

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Well done mate, that's awesome.

I was stuck in the office for a looong day, and was thinking wistfully about how much fun that track is!

Glad to hear you got a good result. Laughing out loud

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Just catching up mate on the events of the last couple of weeks and saw this.

Fantastic result mate. You have had your share of bad luck, but always managed to lift your self and get back out there.

Great work and glad you made that podium.

Regarding Ourimbah - i cut some laps up there earlier this year, and you forget how good that place is. We often forgot the diamonds in the rough we have.


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Thanks for all the comments guys.

Hopefully a large NoBMoB contingent at the final round at Mt Annan in a few weeks.

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I rode Mt Annan on Saturday afternoon and it will be a very different race to Ourimbah. The track is not in great condition and they have added more sections that basically eliminate the bits where you could catch your breath. It's now either hard on the pedals or working the bike on the slight downhills. Will definately be a fitness contest.

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Agree @hasbeen racing - I was also at Mt Annan on Saturday arvo and was thinking same thing. The track had lots of erosion in many places and that new loop at the northern end removes the firetrail where you can get in a rhythm, catch your breath and toss down a gel. Basically now you are on it for the whole lap.

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