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By Lach - Posted on 01 July 2016

If a bloke rode up Berghoffers and then had to decide between riding down Lockyers or Lawson's Long Alley, and then back up the other one, what would folks recommend a bloke should do? Based on a preference for least hike-a-bike work.....

And if a bloke then wanted to get back down to Hartley Vale, is there a fourth descent that is reasonably rideable or should he just ride back down one of the two that he came up?

All this is assuming that it isn't too cold to get out of bed on Sunday morning of course.....

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Ride down Lockyers. Lawsons is a shitty fireroad. Climb either one - you will push a few hundred metres of Lawsons but the ride from the bottom of Lockyers to Lawsons is OK. Cox's descent is also a hoot from the abseiling area.

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... I'll give that a go.

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Yep Lockyers is a better ride both down and up than Lawsons. Coming up lawsons is a good way to make it a loop

The other options is to follow the single trail all the way out to the end and go down Coxes. It's a bit more techi but a lot of fun. then go up Lockyers

Both Lockyers and Lawsons will have a bit of hike-a-bike. Lockyers the hike is probably a bit longer but it's at the bottom so you get some nice riding afterwards. Lawsons it's at the top so you remember the hike more than the ride

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If just time for two the Cox's descent and Lockyers ascent is my favourite combo. Lockyers is surprisingly good to excellent going up even with the carry up some steps.

If you want to get in all four then go down Coxs spin around and up Berghoffers (NB: current road works on short section of highway) then down Lockyers and up Lawsons works. I don't mind Lawsons to finish off. Its a pretty valley and you can pick up some single at the gate 1/2 way in. Play with combo's next trip. Coxs is the only one you never want to go up.

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.... so went up Lawsons (including the bypass bit of sniggle at the bottom, up to the top of Berghoffers (back streets of Mt Vic), down Berghoffers, up Berghoffers to the sniggle that runs along the ridge, down Lockyers and then back around into the bottom end of Lawsons again. Great way to warm up on a very frosty morning. Nearly 800m of vert in a 20km ride....

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