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Another rocky tale...

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By Lach - Posted on 24 July 2016

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Shimano MTB GP Round 5 - Mt Annan
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After the late transfer from a wet Mt Annan to Awaba, a wild, wet and windy Friday night in Sydney had me thinking it would be a rough day. Obviously many others did as well, as the field was pretty thin. Hadn't been to Awaba for a few years, so rode the first lap blind. At my pace that's not too much of a drama. Decided to save the knees a bit by taking what I now know to be the much longer B line up Camelback the first time, but lost a lot of time and spent most of the rest of the first lap catching up to those that I had been riding near. Walked 50m straight up the hill on subsequent laps for a faster, but less enjoyable, time.

Got overtaken by Cam Ivory on my second lap, man he was flying! It was about 7 minutes before at the second rider came past (Jon Odams I think), so Cam was obviously in a different class to the rest of the small field. With that small field, being overtaken wasn't quite the chore it can be and everyone seemed very relaxed and friendly.

The track overall was surprisingly good. A few damp spots stayed damp all day, but mostly the track improved with a few hours of sun and wind.

Managed to take out the over 60's 4 hr category by an infinite amount from the non-existent rest of the field. This lifted me from a distant second to a close second in the series, as the category leader sat out this race. The rest of the field for the series was about as extensive as the Category field at Awaba..... Smiling

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Well done @Lach, and yes that climb was tough. At least once we were up the rest of the lap was fun.

Don't play down your result. Winners are grinners!

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.... it is a pretty fun track. As to the results, I was happier about getting a pair of Jet Black sunnies in the rego raffle..... Smiling

How did you go after getting your brake sorted?

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Came 4th in the race and 3rd for the series so pretty good considering I'd given up...

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... looking at the points you had to be there and place pretty well to hold onto third, so well done!!

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Well done mate. It's been an epic journey back from a very bad crash. You're an inspiration. Smiling

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