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Stage Hucking

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By Rob - Posted on 15 June 2008

You know you're addicted when...

... you happen to get amazing tickets to a show and end up front row. Checking out the stage directly in front, you think about the challenge of hucking off there without landing in the audience.

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Whenever I am driving, I look at all sorts of everyday obstacles on the side of the road that you could ride down.

Aaaahhhhh, pity the poor fools that don't have any idea about bike riding. Smiling

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my mrs wants to beat me up for constantly pointing out everything i pass walking or driving that could be a nice drop, jump or such like.. knowing full well she has no interest whatsoever does not deter me lol

craigs's picture

did you have front row at the Kylie concert?

Or was it Chukka Khan on Saturday night at the Enmore?

Rob's picture

Did I just miss those!? Sad Eye-wink

Nah, neither of 'em. There were whips involved if that helps!

Bruce's picture

You been up to oxford street again???? Sticking out tongue

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