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Kowalski Classic 2016

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By Pete B - Posted on 22 October 2016

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Kowalski Classic 2016
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Veteran (30-39)
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After being happy with last years result but feeling I could do better, I immediately ramped up my training. I joined a group of roadies and trained with them during the week and rode the mtb on the weekends.

The training definitely paid off as my results show.

The race itself started at a reasonable pace with me setting off in wave 2 but quickly picking off stragglers from wave 1. I rode with a couple of locals for the first 20km but they droppeed off after that. I was alone for the next 20km with glimpses of a few riders up ahead. There was a steep climb about 50km which I caught a few riders and we continued to trade places until the steep climbs. The girl who was with us rode straight up but I was off and pushing- I didn't want to push hard now and cramp later. I dropped the guy who was with us and caught tje girl up and we rode together until the 80km feed station at which point I lost her as I had to refill my bottle but she was wearing a camelbak so went straight through. By 90km I was spent, it was a case of trying to keep some sort of pace while knowing the guy I dropped earlierr would soon be on me. The Stairway to Heaven was never-ending! Eventually I came to the last open fire trail climb and gave some encouragement to the 50kers. At thr top of the climb the finish line was in sight, I rolled over the line exhausted but happy with my ride and that i hadn't cramped.

I grabbed a coffee, packed my stuff up and was about to leave but just thought to look at the live timing on my phone. Lucky I did otherwise I wouldn't have realised I'd won my class! By this time I'd missed the presentation but went to see if there was a medal anyway. No medal unfortunately but a great bag of swag.

Overall an awesome event on great trails, I'll be back again next year hopefully to keep my title!

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Congratulations on the win mate – finishing that is a victory into itself – let alone coming in at the pointy end. A position I will never achieve myself.

Out of curiosity, how many hours/kilometres per week do you think you are riding in training? road versus MTB?

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Awesome result, well deserved and was always on the horizon. Well done, mucka.

@Pyrate... Regarding his weekly Km's ridden... Some would say he's the Stig Eye-wink

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Pyrate, living near the city makes it a bit hard to get out on the dirt more than once a week and sometimes I don't even manage that! So I end up riding the roadie a lot more than I'd like to, although saying that, the guys I ride with are a laugh and we all push each other so I definitely won't be giving it up in a hurry!

Anyway, had a quick look and my 2016 Strava stats are
Mtb 932km 52:05hrs
Road 7096km 242:56hrs

Now ask Ant Shippard, who's at the real pointy end how many hours he puts in!!

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well done !

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Awesome result mate and glad all the hard work is paying off.

Many many more km's than I can ever hope to do in a year!

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Awesome result on what I hear and read is a very hard event. I think I need to harden up and do it next year.

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I'm not sure if my car has done that many kilometres this year!

You're a bloody machine Smiling

Once again, very well-deserved win – congratulations.

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Well done Pete. That's an awesome result.

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Also, with your comment about riding more on the roadie. I think once anyone decides to up their training you really need to do more on the road. Just from the simple fact that with training more you need to fit it in and with the road bike it starts from your front door. Also, the little time spent maintaining a road bike helps a lot.

Again, well done. Such a classic that you didn't think you placed and ended up winning.

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