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First Convict 100

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By Pete B - Posted on 08 May 2017

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Convict 100 2017
Cheeky Velosport
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Here's my race report that I wrote for our race team facebook team. **I've been mainly road riding for the last year as driving to trails to go mtbing became tiresome so it's a predominantly roadie team.**

I nearly didn't do this race, bring diagnosed with cellulitis 48 hrs before the start wasn't ideal but against medical and the wife's advice I did it anyway!
A very early alarm call started the day, followed by a 2 hour drive to St Albans. This is the worst part of mountain biking when living in the city - no trails nearby.
On arrival, Gerald, Cameron and myself headed to the start line, this is were Cam told us the farthest he's ever ridden on an mtb is 30km! He's in for a treat!
We all leave in group 1 but loose contact with each other quickly in all the traffic. A bit of gravel road is quickly followed by some deep sand which has everyone off their bikes and carrying, we don't get chance to get back on before the next obstacle, a 6m wide, foot deep river. Brilliant, 5km in and wet feet!
We then come come to a climb that is 25% in places. This really splits everyone up, the elites and front runners are now gone and trying to keep with a good group is the key. I manage to keep with a few decent riders and stick with them for the next 10km where we drop back onto a road section. 5 of us work together in a rolling pace line and hit the 25km feed zone.
A quick refill of the water bottle and off again, straight onto the kayak bridge. I'd heard a few things about this but in reality it's pretty wide and no drama.
Straight after, Gerald comes up along side me so we stick together for the next 25km. Up Shepards Gully climb, and onto the great north rd. This section really takes out out of you, lots of rock steps about 2ft high that are relentless. Even the down hill sections take maximum concentration as there are gaps in the rock ready to swallow your front wheel. At about 55km, I looked back and Gerald wasn't behind me so I stopped and about a minute later her came round the corner. He'd gone over the bars, uninjured and binge fine we carried on only for 5 minutes and I did the same! I only did it to make Gerald feel better though Eye-wink
The 50km feed station had been and gone and slowly I pulled away, working with another group of riders. The trail had smoothed out a lot now. Still very loose and sandy but none of the rock steps that were starting to give my calves twinges of cramp. The downhill sections were fast with water bars to kick you into the air and deep sand to throw you off at any opportunity. I had a couple of close calls but stayed with the group until the 75km feed station.
I stopped a bit longer here, filled the bottle, ate fruit and drunk some coke. There were cakes and other goodies but I couldn't stomach them. The group all did the same and we set off together. 2 mins later there was another 150m 20% climb and I dropped everyone only to then ride solo for the last 20km. The trail was loose and sandy, undulating fire trail. Climb 5 mins, descend 30secs, climb 2mins, descend 10 seconds and repeat this for what felt like an eternity.
Mentally and physically I was over it now. Some one come get me and teleport me to my shower followed by a good dinner.!!
Eventually the last descent arrived and it was the steepest, sketchiest section. The organisers must know it too as there were ambulances top and bottom. I made it down ok with both brake rotors now a lovely shade of blue.
Now just for the last road section, 10km long and flat. I was pretty much spent now but daren't ease up as the group I dropped may work together and catch me. So head down, and push on, ignore the cramp, pass the 68km guys heading to the finish and try not to look back too much.
15mins later and I'd crossed the line. Thank fuck!
Cam was there already after deciding to do the 68km course due to a bad back and Gerald crossed the line not long after. A great result for all of us on a relentless course.
I say it after every race but that was the hardest race I've ever done.

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Great time for the 100. I haven't done the 100 in it's current configuration, but I reckon the OGNR section is notable harder in the current direction. Maybe Jack's Track is a slightly better climb than going up Blue Hill, but either way it certainly is a pretty tough 100k's.

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Great result for your first time there. Those climbs after the last feed station are just cruel.

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Great effort Pete. To pull away from others over those climbs after the last feed shows a lot of strength when most of us just wobbled around trying to get up them. I did follow a Cheeky jersey in the first half for a while but he ended up just pulling away.

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