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By teknovation - Posted on 28 June 2017

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Hey guys.
I have been into the mountain biking scene as long as I can remember but only as of late got myself a hardtail that I'm happy with (not rich enough for a DH Sticking out tongue).
I live in Blaxland and of the past few weeks have been riding around the local area trying to find trails. I have found a few that look like they don't get regular use, & the use they get is from bushwalkers.

I was wondering what necessarily is the definition of a good mountain bike trail? There is one up the road from where I live which could be a good quick (took about 12 minutes in the condition it's in) run if certain rocks and tree branches were cut back.

I'd also be looking for people to ride with, due to as of as long as I can remember, I've riden alone & would be fun to get a group together.

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The definition of a good mountain bike trail depends on who you ask and what style of riding they prefer.

A good way to meet new people into mountain biking is the WSMTB club races and volunteer days put on by WSMTB or BMORC.

WSMTB has a Cyclcross race at Sun Valley Reserve on Sunday (Between Warimoo and Valley Heights).
If you're not that keen on having a race it would still be worth heading down to spectate and heckle!

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Might head up as a spectator, bring my D-SLR or something. Thanks mate! Smiling

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