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Bike choice for Rydal?

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By Discodan - Posted on 05 July 2017

Hi Team

I'm staying at Rydal next week and will be taking a bike but wanted to check on what's the best steed for the Rydal MTB trails. Ideally I'd take my crosser so I can do some exploring afar as well but not sure if it will be out of it's depth on the trails down there. How technical are the tracks there?


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I did the RT 4hr event there earlier this year and the track was a typical XC event track. I don't know how much other track there is that we did not race on on but at least the race track for the RT event was well suited for a normal 100mil XC bike of your liking.

There are a few gap jumps where the XC bike felt a bit out of it's depth and consequently cracked it's front carbon rim in a crap landing. So watch out for them and either go around or have enough speed to clear them.

I don't know what a crossover is so I can't comment on it's suitability.

Enjoy it, go to the local pub afterwards and order a Rydal Super Dry....

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Thanks Staffe. Sorry I didn't make it clearer, the crosser is a cyclocross so fully rigid but in this case running 27.5 x 2.1 tyres. It can handle a bit of off-road but nothing too technical and not as much as a 100mm XC bike (which is my other choice to take). I think I'll take the crosser and walk the gap jumps if need be, I'll have my beginner son on his hard-tail so it will be about right


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Cross bike with 2.1's will be fine at Rydal. There's around 15km of single track, most fine on the cross bike, other areas have b lines. Plenty of forestry trails around there too. Look up the sheep station 50km loop and the rock and road for some options.

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Yeah what Ian said.

BTW 2.1's is not a cross bike, it's a MTB with drop bars.

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