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castle hill area?

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By leon barclay.old - Posted on 10 September 2008

on friday i have to take my debt ski for repairs as i broke down out the back of long reef (north side today wednesday)the mechanic is at castle hill .as it can sometimes take a few hours just wondering if anyone knows where i could go ride any info would be great ,cheers

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Try fred Caterson reserve very short but not a bad loop. I do this one before work sometimes. Excelsior reserve has some good trails especially if you enter from grangewood place in west pennant hills mostly downhill singletrail you will need to hike back to your car though. There some good trails in the Baulkham hills/ Northmead area around model farms reserve. Trailflix has a report on them. Thats about it for the area. There is Lake parramatta and some trails in north rocks but they are getting a bit far away from castle hill

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ill check em out

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