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Pain in the Back...

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By Bernd - Posted on 25 September 2008

Hi all,
the Back Injury is "back"!!!
Yesterday afternoon I picked something up and bang she's back. (disc extrusion at L5/S1)
Physio today confirmed my old Back problem, which I had last in August 2006 after the Ourimbah day.
more Physio tomorrow and Saturday and a lot of specific exercises there after.
MTB rides? Not for a few weeks..... I must be fit for my 3 rides I have planed in Germany beginning of October... on the N1!!!
Bloody stupid Back Injury!

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What a bummer!

Hopefully you'll be back in no time... Eye-wink
Soz, couldn't resist!

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Well, you are married, so we know it's not shagger's back. Barf!

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he lifed an empty box...

Paul's picture

he was bending over admiring his Rolhoff chain...

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Bernding over? Sorry

Bernd's picture

...rub it in:
"lifted an empty box..."
unfortunately it is correct, an empty box!
I wish I had bent, "bernd" over to look at the Rohloff chain.
Sh#*% happens,

Stuart M's picture

particulalry when you are Bernding over

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