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The Morning Banana Diet

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By Rob - Posted on 21 October 2008

Erm... like... who doesn't eat a banana and drink water in the morning? Durh! Sticking out tongue

lozza6's picture

It sounds a bit hokey pokey....

you know the japanese can come up with some pretty crazy ideas.....

Stuart M's picture

Mardi Gras?

Rob's picture

What I find disturbing is there are so many images that would fit the description 'weird Japanese', but Loz has decided to go with one of two almost naked guys. Oh dear! Barf!

Paul's picture

Is the one in blue Buck?

shano's picture

Note the anatomically correct helmet...similar to a time trialists...

And the scanty crack hugging lycra? some form of riding attire possibly? Eye-wink

ar_junkie's picture

I don't know who you've been riding with or where you've been riding but that's some warped 'cycling' attire, period...

Stuart M's picture

WHERE he has been riding, the question only remains was it Buck or Loz?

"Girls shake my hand
Guys want to hug me
Its a worry" HTH

lozza6's picture

Nice call Shane

Sticking out tongue

tut tut.... just cos we're asian you assume we're japanese Laughing out loud

I'm surprised there have been no banana references yet Stu! Sticking out tongue


Stuart M's picture

"tut tut.... just cos we're asian you assume we're japanese "

actually mate that had nothing to do with it. I just assumed that it was a personal photo. You have never struck me as the kind of guy that would trawl the interwebby for pictures like that for your pleasure. Guess I was wrong.

Banana references? We can clearly see in those pics there are no banana's there mate, sorry

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