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The weakest link

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By Carlgroover - Posted on 29 September 2008

I've always had a cast iron stomach and can tolerate most things well, I may have gone a little over the recommended dose of endura at the solo champs, probably 30-35 scoops in 24 1/2hrs of racing and never had a problem until I'd been stopped for 30min or so, I nearly missed the presentation, maybe I need a bit less magnesium this time round. That's not the worst of it though, I may have mentioned some other issues with the contact patch when going solo but I'll spare you the details, so I'll be racing with hairy legs this time but my butt will be smooth as a baby's hopefully this reduces the chaffing significantly, I'm new to waxing and found it's definitely more comfortable riding without a hairy arse, although it's not all good, I didn't get though the process silently.
Bring it on!

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nice information there john, maybe the glide wax would have been a better choice? Laughing out loud

up for a ride tomorow (WOODFORD TRAINING CREW)

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Haven't you noticed me looking comfy the last few rides I'm bald and lubed! Just for 24hr testing OK.
Gotta work sometimes, I'm up for it after 5pm

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Thanks John - I'm going to have night terrors because of you.

No way you can join our CORC24 team now - smooth butts aren't allowed.

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Even got a mention or two

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So Groover is waxed and lubed and up for 'it' after 5pm... what sort of site do you think this is John?!

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