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Real food better than recovery products?

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By Rob - Posted on 20 June 2008

This is interesting...

It's about eating real food versus specific fitness products.

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Besides loading the environment with plastic wrappers, most 'fitness' products are full of marketing hype...
Good ole tasty wholesome nosh (KFC and Maccas do not fall into this category) is the way to go.

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sticky dates! Not only the result of a long ride in sweaty knicks but also the food of champions and eaten by me on every major ride!

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kentucky fried chicken after most of your rides!!! ...and i believe you hold the record for riding your bike through the drive through...

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I ate way to many dates during the solo 24 which might of been the cause of my date problem later in the race.

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Exhibit A...

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Thanks Rob! Just when I thought I had it all sorted, you go and post this Puzzled

What am I going to do with all my stocks now?

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There is just no 'perfect' way! I've had so much great advice from so many experienced people and experts telling me what works for them and all of it made a lot of sense! ... at the end of the day my stomach decides what it can take after long rides or on events with multiple laps and breaks.

If I had to drink a large glass of juice after/between riding I'd be sick! Love the Endura alternated with water, works great for me! Go the energy drink Eye-wink

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