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Ourimbah track conditions after rain?

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By philberesford - Posted on 24 October 2008

Hi Guys
I'm wanting to go up to Ourimbah this weekend for a look at the course and get some training in for the Fat Tyre Festival coming up. However, having never been there before I was wondering how well it would've coped with this rain we've just had?

Thanks in advance

PS Have looked at the Nobmob weather page

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Ourimbah is super fast and tacky after rain. It will be in excellent condition.

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The track should be OK. Recently it has been draining quite well. I rode there a few weeks ago in torrential rain and there were only a few puddles forming and a couple of muddy spots - leading into Jurassic Park. I rode only a few days later and it was dry as a bone - possibly even a little slippery, especially on off-camber turns.

Having said that, they have just reopened The Graveyard, which has been closed for over a year due to dampness, and I think they were planning on reusing it for 8 1/4 race. It will probably be quite boggy, and you may want to avoid it.

For the fans of the Big Dipper/Drop Off, it has also reopened, but you could assume that the berms there will be quite a mess. The so-called 'Chicken Run' is still an option for those over the novelty of the Drop.

With all these changes, should we organise a group ride this Sunday to reaquaint ourselves with the course?

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I was planning on going up on Sunday too.
I've never been there before and would be keen to tag along with a group..

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DH race on there this Sunday, last one of the Club season so will prob have large numbers.

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I thought that was last Sunday. Doh!

Having never been there, does the XC circuit use the DH at any point?

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the DH track a couple of times from memory. No one gets there much before 8am.

Racing doesn't start til lunch so as long you have a good look before crossing the track it should be sweet.

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Hey guys...i was hoping to ride the XC Sunday afternoon too. I can't do Sat. Do you think i can or too dodgy with DH racing on? If you reckon i can, anyone want to join me? I can't lock in definite yet but if you post interest i'll get your ph no. off private page and call you Sat night or something. Maybe we can ride AFTER DH racing??

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I will probably be there both days this weekend but not until about 11am saturday, give me a ring or pm me if anyone wants some company.

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OK, I'm going to go up there on Saturday with a few mates.

All welcome to join me, I'll be on a Red Giant XTC2 hardtail


EDIT: John, I notice you're a CC local. Would be awesome to have a local guide. Want to meet up?

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yes no problems Phil, would only be too happy to show you around. How does 11am at the carpark sound.I'll be riding a blue giant reign2 & driving a white ford courier 4wd

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I'm hoping to get up there for about 9am-ish. I got your number so will text you. Car park sounds good, I'll be driving a silver Golf

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