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NSW Bike Plan - Submissions Closing Oct 31

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By Rob - Posted on 30 October 2008

Sorry folks - this only just came to my attention. If you can spare a moment to comment please do. Note that submissions close tomorrow (31 Oct). Details here:

To comment email (including your full name and street address) - comments should be submitted no later than Friday 31 October 2008.

This plan does appear to be more focused around on road transport, but even so I'd imagine many here would have something to say on that.

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here is my blurb,

I have been an avid cyclist for many years both on and off the road and even for commuting as well.

After flicking through the I am greatly encouraged to see the effort and work that is being put into a bike plan. Can I encourage you to keep pursuing this idea. It is plainly obvious to everyone involved in the cycling industry that cycling promotes health, reduces the strain on infrastructure - especially the peak hour infrastructure, is great for the environment, increases productivity at work – the list goes on and on.

As I live on the Epping Road Cycle way I can attest to the growing numbers of cyclists who use this, every day of the week.

Bicycle infrastructure development is sorely needed here in Sydney.

However the main stumbling block I see to the promotion of cycling is that of change management - Change in convincing my boss that cycling is good for my work - change in the motorist who gets aggressive towards cyclists – change in the attitudes of motorist organizations Everyone involved in the industry needs to keep their work in the understanding of wholistic approach, by everyone keeping their projects aligned we can have a greater impact for cycling.

Keep up the good work!!!

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Here is mine. Thanks for getting this up Rob.

Dear Madam / Sir,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide some feedback for the NSW BikePlan. Please find following a few points that may assist in encouraging cycling through infrastructure improvement.

1. Connect the cycleway. At the moment there is a great cycle way in Wahroonga and St Ives. However, I need to risk life and limb to ride to it from Asquith / Hornsby area where there is little by way of cycleways. As a result I choose not to ride to work as much. Connection of the network will eventually lead to a critical mass where it becomes so safe to ride more people will do it.
2. Melbourne, through co-ordination with local councils is connecting up cycleways but also offroad single tracks. The network is apparently 700km. Through connecting these up and making the length of rideable track longer, will encourage riders.

3. Hornsby Shire Council is looking into whether they should spend money and time building single tracks and improving cycleways (it goes to council meeting in Dec 08). These initiatives by local councils could make a massive difference to the amount of people riding bikes. Manly Dam is a fantastic example. Ideas and plans are okay, but to actually get them off the ground is difficult as councils have pressure from so many directions in terms of dollar spend. The support of the RTA and NSW GOV could be the catalyst to help move these plans and initiatives to reality.
Note the main contact putting the plan together for council is Dana Spence (

4. High level negotiations with National Parks and Wildlife Service re the appropriate and targeted use of designated single track to reduce the amount of illegal track formation, improve national park protection and increase cycle use.

Best regards,

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Ah... I just discovered this too:

The report (PDF) is here:

Looks like they are having workshops to follow. Newcastle in Feb, Sydney in June. This is not a fast process, is it?

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