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Help save Oxford Falls Valley from development

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By edmond - Posted on 08 February 2009

Warringah Council has pritty much approved most the building of the 500 unit retirement village in oxford falls. At the organic market today the Oxford Falls Action Group was passing out some details on how people can help.

To voice your opinion you can visit the following site.

Public Meeting - Monday 16 Feb @ 6pm

Oxford Falls Retirement Village Public Meeting
Monday 16 February 2009 - 5.30pm (6pm start)

Dee Why Civic Centre (Warringah Council).

Wear a white shirt or t-shirt, show your support and have your say!

We will be arranging a guest speaker and media coverage and really want to pack out the council chambers to get a maximum effect in the press.

Please pass this on - we really need to attract as many people as we can.

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Show you support to the Oxford Falls area.
Go to this link and write a short message to oppose any development in Oxford Falls.

If this development goes ahead, say goodbye to out awesome oxford falls trails.

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Just to clarify - Warringah Council has NOT "pritty much approved" this development in Oxford Falls.
Before we all go & start whingeing about the local council, Warringah Council totally rejected this development application when it was submitted to them a year or two ago. The developer then went behind Council's back & took his development application to the State Planning Minister who has discretionary powers to "call in" any development that they consider of state significance. Therefore Warringah Council & the local community is largely removed from the application process. In this case the developer has paid substantial donations to the State Labor party, so the whole thing has a very dodgy smell about it. It doesn't bode well either as the new Planning Minister has acquired the nickname Kristina "Nodding-Dog" Kenneally, as she's given the nod to almost everything that has come across her desk.
So get active & if you can't get to any meetings, at least click on the link above in jpack's post & write down your objections. It doesn't have to be an entire essay, just a few dot points will get the message across.

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thanks for clarifying the councils position.

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everyone get onto this case - it is a hideous idea and will be the beginning of the end of such a pretty rural area and then... as they say..there go the trails - there are so many protected/rare species of birds and plants not to mention the wallabys and echidnas and goannas etc that live there...which suddenly don't matter when they want to build

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to see the extent of the proposed development?

It might be handy if people are able to refer to specific objections in their submissions

Let there be light

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just emailed you photos - i have no idea how to put them on the site ...

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You can see the files/plans submitted by the developer to the Dept of Planning from the link in jpack's original post.

Then go to

Public Files
-> View Clause 6 Request

which takes you to this page

Note: some of the files are quite large > 50Mb......

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I thought this development was on Morgan road near Lizard Rock and the DH tracks?

Excuse my ignorance in advance.

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this one is on the other side of the wakehurst parkway - if you are travelling up the hill and the tennis centre is on the right hand side it's from before the tennis centre up to the 'posh' property with the lovely horse arena...

the Lizard Rock one is a different fight, which to my knowledge invovles the aboriginal land...

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Anyway I have lodged my electronic protest. Thanks NOBMOB for alerting us to this cause!

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of this development here which I hope gives an accurate impression of the enormity of this proposed development as well as its location.

It doesn't appear to be an area that immediately impacts on trails but I believe should be stopped because of the impact it will have an what is a "rural" area and the already inadequate infrastructure. My 2c anyway, but you be the judge. It's approval would probably also have the effect of "openning the flood gates" so to speak.

Take your time and have a look at the pic so you can base your objections on fact and not just "we are loosing our trails" argument as I believe that type of submission would more than likely be dismissed as inaccurate.

Let there be light

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is right, there are no trails there - there USED to be years ago.. however, it will change the format of the area for ever - we never get our land back and then it will creep over to the other side and up to Red Hill - aside from which there is no plan for an improvement of the infrastructre in the area. It is a flat out money grab situation which is not at all required in such a pretty area that should be protected for ever.

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Pointless mentioning trails as they are mostly illegal anyway. I referred to a lack of adequate infrastructure and a glut of aged care facilities amoungst other things, in my submission.

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also put in my 2 cents worth, and cited similar case that there are many under-utilised and already developed locations with much better access to infrastructure.

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