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Group Ride & Etiquette

Not ridden with us before? Wonder how it all works? We do have some NoBMoB etiquette (this is of course in addition to using your common sense and following more global MTB etiquette):

  1. We are a reliable lot so if you say you are coming to a ride we will believe you – if you can't make it then let the 'host' or someone else riding that ride know by phone or text so they don't wait around for you. This of course, will require the forethought of taking someone's phone number with you when you leave your computer.
  2. No rider will be left behind – well, we might for a little bit but we always have 'regrouping' spots on our trails – on all trails. We never ever ride off and go home/back to our cars leaving someone out there floundering about in the trails. If for some reason YOU have to race back or peel off somewhere then let the 'host' know so that people don't wait around for you or wonder if you have somehow managed to get lost on the track.
  3. If it's posted as a 'training' ride then you can be fairly sure there will be very few if any rest/regrouping stops. If you don't know if your fitness can manage this then ask – people will tell you!
  4. If you bring a mate, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, anyone along on the ride YOU are responsible for keeping them company. If they are newbies then we will take it in turns riding at the back to chat if they are is struggling but if you bring someone who is slow you need to be with them too. Don't just abandon them for us to look after!
  5. But most importantly... Bring your sense of humour!

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