Ride Planning

Here at NoBMoB we used to be a little disorganised. There weren't many of us and we all pretty much knew each other. Planning rides was easy - we just threw up a post in the (now defunct) weekly ride forum which was all it took to get a few riders organised on a weekend.

Things have grown a bit since then, but the good news is there's even less excuse to be riding alone. And whatever your level or discipline, after arranging or attending a few group rides no doubt you'll meet like minded riders and get into the swing of things.

Pages for Reference

A few pages that are a useful reference are:

  • Ride Calendar - shows a monthly (should start on the current month) overview of planned rides. Read on to find out how to enter them.
  • Next Rides - brief details of rides in the calendar in chronological order. Click on their titles to get the full details.
  • Add Calendar Entry - Have a read of the below first.

Tentative Plans?

Riders new to the area or site, who want to try something new, or who aren't sure how well a particular suggestion will go down probably want to chat about it first. That's what the forum is for. If you want to go ride in a particular area but aren't quite sure of details yet then start a thread in the relevant location relevant forum.

Discuss all you like there, on where to go and what to do, when people fancy and all that.

Just remember to create a ride meeting (calendar) entry when things are confirmed (see below).

Already Know When and Where?

If you already know when and where you'll be riding things couldn't be easier. Just create a ride meeting entry to invite others along. These are automatically entered into the rides calendar along with being listed on the home page (well - if it's coming soon enough that is).

Of course the more information you put, the more likely it is that people will be interested. We've tried not to be too draconian with the fields that need entering, but here's a few things to consider, some of them optional:

  • A short, snappy title.
  • When the ride will be (be sure to enter the date and time - which defaults to the time right now).
  • An estimated ride duration.
  • What's going to happen if the weather is good or bad?
  • Details of the trails you'll be on and where to meet (whether this is via a link from our rides database or from a brief description that can be entered).
  • And of course... a description of what you plan for the ride. Nice things to include are the level of ability that might be required, technical or fitness level and other details.

Most of all, remember it's all in fun - jovial posts are usually the best received, along with ideas that are a little out of the ordinary.

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