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Alps Epic has been cancelled

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By Rob - Posted on 22 January 2009

Says on their website ( no where near meeting the entry requirements.

Guess this means that those toying with one of the epics (the other being the Mountains To Beach Stage Race) have an easier choice to make.

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Was still planning on doing this one... Sad It was a major factor in choosing not to go to the TDU (before I heard Lance was coming).

I still say it's a shame that these type of events could not have been organised on the calendar so not to compete with one another... oh well...

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Yeah - the mountains to the beach is a logistical nightmare though. I would be keen to do that if we could only sort out getting to the start and getting from the finish. They do a transport service but it involves bike bags or boxes and isn't very good for people in Sydney. Sad

Is there anyone here who would like to hang out with a bunch of sweaty bikers, but can't do the event themselves and wouldn't mind driving around? Or that knows someone? You'd have to be mad, but... erm... aren't most people here? Eye-wink

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As far as the BMC MTB goes you can just drive to Thredbo, leave the car there and get the transport back from Narooma on the Saturday. That's what we're doing and staying in Thredbo on the Saturday night. Adds a bit of time to the trip but then there's no other option really unless you drive to Narooma and get the shuttle before the race.

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Hmmmm... fine, but... I don't want to have to box the bike is all. Maybe that's just a bit too fussy?

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There's a Narooma to Thredbo pre or post race option that you don't need to pack your bike for.

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Ahhhhh... yes, I see that now. That's defo the way to go. Drive to Narooma before the race, take their transport to the start then drive home after a well earned sleep in Narooma after.

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