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Andos Extras? Kedumba Valley Road?

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By Rob - Posted on 30 January 2009

I was looking at the Andos map earlier and notice there are a few trails to the West of Kings Tableland road, around where the hospital is.

One of these is marked "Kedumba Valley Road" and looks to go to a lookout. Erm... and then down into the valley. If that is truly there must be crazy steep! Anyone been there?

Also - between Kedumba and Kings Tableland there looks to be a couple of shorter trails, very narrow one of 'em. Is this sekret sniggle? Eye-wink

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The road goes down to Kedumba Farm and the old sewage treatment works. Very steep and hard enough to walk up. The valley is Schedule 2 Catchment from the NP boundary I think.

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I rode down into the valley years ago and never been game to go back down since. The dirt road goes down very steep and through a cut out in the cliff that lead some nice hairpin corners, to test your brakes, before getting down into the valley. It doesnt really go anywhere from memory other then the farm and the climb back up the way you came is a killer. Google Earth puts the elevation rise from valley floor to hospital at 500+ metres so good for climbing training.

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Is that the $11000 fine for trespassing? I think that road goes all the way to the lake doesn't it?

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I can't find the map I have of SCA land right now, but yeah, you're not meant to be near the lake. Oil might fall off your bike or something and contaminate Sydney's water supply. Oh, or you might need the call of nature and taking a leak in the bush 5Km from the lake is also a no, no!

Groover - can you go take a look next time you're there, eh? I reckon you'll be able to ride to the top of the descent 'cos it looks like the road is well formed to that point and there's a turning area. Should be a nice view. Then go looking for a little sniggle too. Smiling

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They don't want you to see the dead cattle rotting in your water supply? Last time I fished the Wollondilly River I saw 3 that had maybe broken a leg on the large rocks while drinking. Yes I did walk a long way while lure fishing, hmmm sounds a bit like something else I do.
I was there this morning but hadn't read this. Doh!

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about two kms from the hospital is a large set of 'Bonanza Gates' with the various no bikes or vehicles of any kind sign.
SCA area, $11,000 fine.
from the gates to the top of the pass is a nice 2km walk.
the 'road' (Oh i so want to ride it) goes down to the farm, connects to the service road for the power lines that goes up over the botton of Narrow Neck.
and the walking trail accross Mt Solitary and Ruined Castle goes off as well.

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