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Linden Ridge this morning

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By herzog - Posted on 19 July 2009

Here's a bit of a ride report from my ride at Linden Ridge today.

This one has a bit of everything, including 11kms of undulating singletrack and a cruisy firetrail with waterbars.

It worked out at about 25kms all up - out and back.

The track was nice and dry, and had very few riders on it. The singletrack section was pretty heavily vegetated in places, and was in need of a haircut. You definitely need protection on the eyes, knuckles, and knees. But in other parts it was fantastic, a good mix of technical sections, plus some flowy bits on a leaf litter base.

Here's the GPS log:

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I love this bit of single track and have in the past given it a trim. I organised a NoBMoB ride there and we intended to get back and do it as a group but sadly never got to it, yet.

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That's interesting. You've included a picture of a sign there which looks like it's saying this is legal single track just like the oaks. Is that correct?

Must come up there and check it out Smiling

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Yeah definitely has a bike-legal signpost on the singletrack as per the photo. 5.5kms of sniggle each way - really worthwhile.

While on the ride I had a chat to a friendly local rider who pointed out a second branch of singletrack further along the firetrail. Didn't have time to explore this bit but apparently it's even longer.

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If anyone is doing a ride up here soon I'll be very keen to tag along.

One thing though, as it's an out and back and it's single track, can't you sort of.. er.. crash in to people coming the other way?

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"can't you sort of.. er.. crash in to people coming the other way?"

That's why you ride to the conditions and stay in control of your bike....

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Crashes? Erm... no... because we always ride in control, don't we! Sticking out tongue

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ahem.. notice how I neatly took one for the team there, in order to make a point Smiling

Well noticed!

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It's fairly slow grinding singletrack, and there's pretty much no one there.

Chances of a collision? Zero Smiling

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It's fast and exciting but by going fast you do get scratched up as it's overgrown, a collision is not likely with very few riders ever on it and you can see ahead a reasonable distance.

I've been going to do 100km of the best tracks up here for while so maybe this could be part of it.

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might have to do a big day out with mapping for myself (just can't trust other peoples GPS's or eyes or experience)
and see how hard the link accross to Woodford dam is with SCA cutoff points expected

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I liked riding out that trail, just didn't like the walk back after a stick broke my hanger about 100m after turning around at the end.

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