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looking for decent online shop

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By bogumbiker - Posted on 05 February 2009

Can you recommend any decent online shops in AU that carries Pearl Izumi, Shimano, etc..

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Not sure if they stock them but Phantom Cycles is about the best online shop in AU. Otherwise it's Torpedo 7 and Chainreaction overseas. Wiggle isn't bad either and then Jenson and Price Point in the US but shipping can sting.

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International: don't forget about parker international. A great range and shipping is reasonable. Their prices show VAT but come off when you check out.

Cecil Walker and Dean Woods are alright locally, but I haven't used them in years now. Almost everything I get comes from Parker, CRC or Bike24.

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we can get all shimano and peal, drop me a pm if you want a quote.

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the TBSM shop is pretty good! Great bunch of lads too.

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