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Cramps, cramps and more cramps!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 09 February 2009

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WWS #1 Lithgow
The Yorkshire Stripper
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Well, that was the hardest 8 hour solo i've done so far and i've put the blame mainly on one thing, it wasn't the weather,my fittness,my equipment or the track. it was BEER!

After a big night in bondi on wednesday night, i foolishly backed it up by having another big night on friday after a hot day at work!
i made sure i drank litres of weak endura all day saturday and took even more magnesium than i usually take on a daily basis.

Sunday, i calculated about sixteen water bottles of endura, water, and gatorade plus four cans of fizzy energy drink, all within the eight hours of racing. i was constantly thirsty and thought it was the dust but after about five laps i started to cramp badly. the cramps got worse and worse over the next three laps and i had to get of the bike on several occations to stretch, scream and massage my cramping legs.

After finishing, i couldn't even wash or dry myself properly as my arms back and even my hands and fingers were cramping up.

Still, an enjoyable weekend( it wouldn't sound like it to anyone else but a cyclist!)

Great to see all the nobmobbers getting such great results, well done to all and thanks to sean for the lift as i couldn't have possibly driven myself. and thanks to rob for the breakfast at the motel! that was your treat wasn't it??? (dont panic, i'll sort you out mate!)

One lesson was learnt over the weekend and that was, dont drink any alcohol the week before a big race (sob!) Smiling

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Gazza don't give up the beer a week before a race, your body will go into shock and start to shut down.

Seriously though a few beers are OK, but maybe not two big nights, especially when it is so hot and you do physical labour.

The constant thirstyness is a sure sign you will probably cramp. It sounds like dehydration was more your problem than lack of salts.

Anyway 8 laps and 16th is a whole lot better than I could have done - next time you'll nail it

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Gazza your way wrong on blaming the beer.

Before every 100km race I do, and since they take me 8-9 hours to complete, means I'm well qualifide on 8 hour solo's.
I drink at least six beers and 1/2 bottle of red the night before the race.
Ask Craig he has started using my training tip with his improved race times as proof. Paul and Lozza also use this technic.

I'd say your just getting old and out of practice.

If you like, and for a small fee, you can hire me to get on the piss with before your next race.

You will see results Eye-wink

Coach Pikey Smiling

The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

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about it!
No way will you EVER learn THAT lesson Laughing out loud

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i WILL learn, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks and pikey, youre welcome to join me for a pre race drink. at the rate you sink em mate i wont get chance to get anywhere near the stuff! Eye-wink
and paul, i'll try my hardest to nail it next time. i'm on a mission now!

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Gazza, as I'm not doing the Sydney 24 or Mont 24 I might join you at the next round at Yellowmundi as a solo rider.

My reckoning is that as a solo rider I can go my own pace and not have to worry about being too slow for the team. It should also be good SS practice for the Dirt Works.

I've only done Yellowmundi once many years ago - what is the track like and will I suffer on the SS.

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Paul Yellowmundi is a great course its lots of fun but be warned its a bit harder than it looks and is definetly hard on the SS hardtail but doable go for an easier gear though the 32 x 18 killed me there during the last four hour.

I want to do and complete this race solo on the SS as I have a demon to slay as the last two four hour solo races I have attempted there did not go well at all. If I can sort birthdays out and get the celebrations for the weekend before I will be there too.

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Thanks Damien, my memory of it was tight and twisting (both up and down) and after a couple of hours of exploring I'd had enough. This was back in February 2007, so the lack of fitness may have been a problem.

I was already contemplating dropping it down to 32*18 (if not from the beginning at least part way through), but given I haven't ridden there for 2 years it is probably worth me going out for a reccy and a play first.

Lets hope you can make it and put paid to a few demons.

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Sounded out the boss tonight and it doesnt look like I will be a starter my little guys second and my combined 40th birthday party will have be on that day.

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i tried to reply today from my phone but it wasn't happening. i was going to write and say you should ask Damien or alchemist for single speed advice on the track but ive been beaten to it!
it would be good to see you there and to share the pain with you. it might take my mind of things while we took the piss out of each other! Eye-wink

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