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andersons and oaks (hot laps)

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By simonmhughes - Posted on 11 April 2009

today i did the andersons trail in 1hr 40 from station to station, then dropped in for oaks station to station in 1hr 16. i'd be interested in seeing what the fastest times are for these rides, i thought those times were pretty sharp.

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Have a look in the hot laps area of this site to post your times or make your own ride.
sounds like you put in! good work.

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What time were you there? I did the full 106km Oaks>Ingar>Anderson>Oaks on Saturday and don't remember seeing anyone come flying past me opposite? maybe we crossed paths when you were at the station? I was on a flying run too getting in some last minute DW training.

Don't suppose you saw or heard about the guys that got airlifted out of Andersons? I was flying down and got quite a shock to see four 4WD Ambo, CFS, x2 Police one with 2 MTB on the rear heading up the trail.


Edit: I did see some old dude come down the Oaks on a road bike. Seriously!

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