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7000lm light anyone?

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By Rob - Posted on 19 April 2009

This is rather amusing... it's an 100W LED which is actually a grid of 1W LEDs. These are designed for street lighting, but... meh... this guy put one on his bike:

There's loads of gumf on this here:

For amusement, here's the thing compared with the dude's car headlights on main beam (100W each he says), note the LED on the right is many times brighter:

Shine this thing on a CD for under 2 minutes and this is what happens:


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One can go hunting with just one's lights!

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Be very very wary of what an LED claims it can do, and what it actually does. The US Dept of Energy are well aware that there are many many false claims being made about LEDs and this is what they have done about it:

Lay people (incl bloggers) will confuse how "bright" a light source appears (it's "luminous intensity" or "luminance") with how much light it emits (its "luminous flux" as measures in lumens). It's possible to conclude that a "bright" light emits many lumens, but this can be very very misleading.

In fact measuring just how much total light an LED emits is a very new field of endeavour. It's high degree of directionality and its strange colour spectrum causes all sorts of problems for conventional luminous flux tests. Even the latest test methods ( have problems.

LED spruikers will also cheat by testing LEDs before they reach steady state temperature, and as we know heat will kill the light output.


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