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By craigs - Posted on 19 May 2009

Just wondered whether there has been any progress on the land at Belrose that has been proposed on and off for various community projects?
I though you may have come across some up to date information while going through this process although it may well be a completely separate govt department/process? Perhaps not relevant here..

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Yeah, the report was only talking about what could be done with the proposed land, not the tip (which is what I presume you are talking about).

But on the subject of the tip (or Google "Belrose Landfill" if you want to be official) the news is bad:

I found a document dated 2001 that said it was scheduled for closure in 2005.

Then I found this (14 November 2008):

The Belrose tip was started by Warringah Council, but it is now one of the sites run by WSN Environmental Solutions, which is currently a statutory State-owned corporation. It now services the garbage disposal needs of the Pittwater, Warringah and Manly councils. The then environment Minister advised on 24 July 2008, in response to my written question, that the expected closure date of the WSN Belrose landfill site was mid-2010, which was a later date than previously advised. Last Monday, 10 November 2008, WSN met with local community groups to advise of its updated plans for the Belrose landfill site. This was the day before the New South Wales Labor Government flagged the likely sale of WSN in its mini-budget. Despite previous promises and undertakings to local residents, WSN now proposes that the site be used to dispose of an extra 180,000 tonnes of landfill, raising some areas by as much as 13 metres over previously advised capped levels. This will further restrict the future construction of recreational facilities in this area. Furthermore, it appears that the intention is now for the site to be locked up and the community denied access for recreational use.

So no, even though lots of people keep trying to fob riders off with the, "you can use the tip" excused sounds like it's never going to happen Sad

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We (MWMTB) have been attending regular meetings with WSN and a local community group for a while now to keep our foot in the door so to speak. Most recent developments: tip was initially scheduled for closure this year, however, the State Govt recently re-evaluated their waste management strategy & in their infinite wisdom have decided to grant a license to extend the life of the tip (mainly because of the lack of alternative landfill sites in the Syd metro area). WSN are currently in the process of preparing a DA for extended life, however, details aren't available yet as to the revised closure date.

It seems generally accepted by WSN, the local community group and with support from certain state Govt Members that the tip site will one day be able to be used for passive recreation - MTB and horse riding predominantly. We have also explored the option of being able to develop trails on part of the site whilst landfilling still occurs in other areas (note: the north-western portion is esentially rehabilitated). However, WSN have the usual concerns about their liabilities whilst they still have control of the site (and they will maintain control over some areas for a period of years after landfilling ceases) & would not permit any use of the land unless another well insured party could take control. In reality this could only be Warringah Council or the State Govt.

So, in summary, yes we may get access to the land some day after the tip closes but this is probably a couple of years away at best...

DH Coordinator, MWMTB

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Yeah fair enough not relevant to the Oxford falls topic...
So Dave is this the "tip" the same area that the govt is using to propose(and then can) major sporting development in the area?
It would seem that if the tip life has been extended, this site is now mothballed till the next election, ahem, till a later date. (and the hospital site too.)

Would seem to me on the surface to be an ideal location for mixed use community sporting complex once rehabilitated.

Thank you

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Over the last few years I have heard a number of rumours about the tip site being developed as a major sporting venue. However, this has only been spoken about in general terms and as far as I'm aware there has been no detailed planning in that regard. Also, in reality that site will probably never be developed as a full on sporting complex due to land subsidence that is expected to occur for 20+ years after filling stops - hence issues with buildings or field sport areas. But 'passive recreation' is likely to be permitted & in view of this MTB, walking/running and horse riding trails are the likely uses. Given that MTB is not the only intersted user group we need to keep up our profile to ensure that if/when the opportunity arises we are well placed to secure access.

Also, the development of the site as a community facility will require substantial $ from either local or state Govt. With regard to any state level involvement, the local Liberal member Jonathon O'Dea is supportive of redevelopment of the site for community purposes, however, I would suggest it unlikely that a Labor Govt is going to throw any money towards an electorate that is probably the safest Liberal seat in the country...

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More searching on that gov. site finds this (3 April 2009):

He says, "Earlier this week WSN advised residents that it would submit a development application to Warringah Council for the proposed extension of the landfill operation.... plans to extend the tip life for another three years to at least 2013."

I imagine someone needs to get in the council's ear about this and get them to decline this development application!

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WSN have been advised by Warringah Council that the site as approved under consent No. 78/213 allows for the continued operation of this facility subject to compliance.
WSN were advised to enter into a public positive covenant under the provisions of Section 88E of the Conveyancing Act 1919 that can only be varied or modified by the Council.

In other words a DA gets approval by an independant body and can be modified by application at any time. Whereas a covenant is a condition of the land use and this is submitted to the elected Council for approval and remains valid over the land even in the case of resale.

There is still some glimmer of hope here but I'm sure we'll have to hang in there for the long term.

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There was the State Netball centre plan, is that a different site or are we talking about the same area? That plan for that was more immediate I am sure although it fell away quite quickly.
They have made some nice sporting fields southern sydney at an old tip site so there is a good precendent but

Thanks all for the informative advice.

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No that was to be on the land at the end of Ralston Ave adjacent to the electrical substation.
Warringah Council changed their mind and returned to John Fisher Park @ Curl Curl

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