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By Rob - Posted on 23 April 2009

This is interesting... I have been contacted by an environment consultancy asking for suggestions or recommendations for a proposed Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve POM.

From what I can see the land they are talking about encompasses parts both Oxford Falls and Red Hill. But don't get excited, only small parts of Crown Land in both are covered.

Anyhow, if anyone has anything they think is worth saying in response please let me know.

Or if you'd like to help that would be good too.

I'm thinking that any pro-MTB response should include details of why the government should let us use their land. A strong case would include social and economic benefits of MTB for the Northern Beaches community. I know we all know it's great but statistics on direct (bike shop staff, etc) and indirect (pie shops and pubs) employment and other economic benefits would be good. Anyone able to help out there?

Cheers! Smiling

P.S. Date for reply is May 15.

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No-one interested in this?

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but only just saw it so need time to think - as you know that is a rare occurance...

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I'd definitely like to help out.

I work for an environmental consultancy and have been putting some thoughts into Oxford Falls. I am printing out Oxford Falls and Red Hill ground contours, legal boundaries and ownership information this afternoon.

I agree we definitely need to discuss social and economic benefits in this.

I have also talked a little with local councils who are supportive of MTB in the area but need a club to put forward a proposal to manage trails.

Many shops are also supportive and would contribute to sponsorship of trails. Some of these shops also have put a fair bit of time into accessing trail routes in these areas.

Suggest we meet to discuss?

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A number of years ago while fishing at Jervis bay I was approached and asked to help with a survey being conducted on the economic benefits of recreational fishing on the local communities and the country as a whole. I did a search and found some results on this http://www.frdc.com.au/recreational/
Possibly some comparisons could to drawn between different sports as we definitely both travel and seek accommodation in areas that suit our activity.

Before I got involved in Mountain biking I wouldn't consider holidaying anywhere in Australia that was not considered a good fishing area and now I look for areas that are good for both fishing and cycling. Areas without any good Mountain bike areas are very unlikely to see me there visiting or on holidays and I wouldn't be alone on that, would I?

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Talking of the economic benifits for the local community we could talk with the local bike shops (and pie shops?) and get their input/support.

Adrian springs to mind and I know he reads this. I don't mind popping up there and seeing what he thinks.

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Sorry Rob. Completely forgot about this one.

Not sure what relevant knowledge I can help with, but I'm more than happy to help out if you need a hand with anything. Let me know


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Local bike shops and food places are a good start.

I think we need to demonstrate the economic value of MTB at a larger scale than just the local bike shops. Most of us are local by many travel from all over Sydney to these trails. I have also met a number of people from Wollongong who travel up for some variation. It would also be useful to get data from Torpedo7 and CRC to get a more complete idea of overall industry scale, they would have post code info and are supportive of trail advocacy work (unfortunately no funding when I talked with them 12 months ago). We will need to also consider maintenance costs and employment this generates etc.

To be consistent we will need a standard questionnaire and put some thought into the data we require. I suggest we discuss these aspects with ourselves and the consultancy to coordinate this rather everyone going out to shops individually for info other than general discussion with your contact.

I think we should also discuss the cost and environmental impact of driving to alternative trails that offer similar riding. For me this is a 110km round trip south with plenty of tolls vs a quick trip across the spit bridge. Similar alternatives also aren't feasible for after work night rides.

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Report is in... phew... See here:


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