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NoBMoB Response to Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve Plan of Management

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By Rob - Posted on 15 May 2009

Oxford Falls Plan of Management - NoBMoB Response (cover) As discussed in the forum ( I was contacted by an environment consultancy asking for suggestions or recommendations for a proposed Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve POM.

Thankfully a few fellow NoBMoBers stepped up to help and put in plenty of effort and a couple of late nights too.

Attached is the result of our labours which I've just sent off in response:

Oxford Falls Plan of Management User Group Consultation - Northern Beaches Mountain Biking Group Response

Thanks for the help and let's hope something good comes from this. If nothing else at least we've now got a document that shows the massive demand and woeful provision for riding in the Northern Beaches.

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What an awesome report and read.
My hat's off to those that wrote/contributed to this.
The report was a great effort.

Job well done


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No wonder Rob hasn't been out on the bike lately
AAA+ effort Guys go to the top of the class

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I work in property / development and this report is as high in quality and with better (at least more interesting) facts and figures than I see from a lot of professional consultancy firms. Awesome effort.

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Rob, - fantastic report, very professional, well structured.

You may have missed your calling

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nice work coordinating this submission Rob.

Credits to the those contributing and working on the submission. (Who were they?, credit where credits due)


Rob's picture

Ah... I think they are a little shy. Let's see if they come out and take the thanks they certainly deserve Eye-wink

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your and the "shy ones" efforts on our behalf Rob, no small task the detail that's been penned.

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to all involved,amazing!

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That is a fantastic document.

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Outstanding piece of work, Rob.

Do you know if it's going to be submitted verbatim, or are they going to cherry pick?

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work guys. Big ups to all involved

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involved in writing the document, it should really help our cause.

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What a mammoth task for all involved.

Thanks to all involved for doing this on the community's behalf.

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Thanks all for the positive comments and thank you messages. I was glad to help and hope it achieves the outcome we are all looking for.

There were others who contributed significantly and I will leave it to them to come forward.

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After a late night on Thursday pulling the report together, it's nice to know that the effort is appreciated.

Hopefully this will keep the door open throughout the rest of the process and maybe even lead to somewhere to ride at Oxford Falls that's both official and worthwile.


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The best document I've ever read summarising NoBMoB and the community. Well done Rob & co.

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Well done to everyone involved putting this submission together. Thanks for writing this on my and all the other MTBer's behalves in Sydney/Northern Beaches.

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Thank you for taking the time to prepare and present such a well rounded document on behalf of all of the riders in the region.
From a personal standpoint I am delighted that such dedication and commitment can be brought to bear on this kind of issue.
Well done folks.
if at first you don't succeed, try not to look astonished.

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Just got the time to read this brilliant document.

Makes me proud to be a part of such a great site and happy to live so close to said location.

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This comment has been moved here.

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Well done guys, just had a chance to read it through.
An outstanding, professional, objective report, well referenced and free of emotive talk.
I see a lot of 'consultants' documents in my work and this is better than most. Excellent editing to achieve 'one voice' throughout.
It is certainly interesting to pull together this information and present it on behalf of the large body of 'invisible' stakeholders that ride informally and don't belong to official clubs.
Hats off to you, and thank you for donating your time and passion for the benefit of us all!

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Just want to say thank you for such a comprehensive representation of our needs. Keep us posted on how it goes please!

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I am really impressed by this report. A really excellent and comprehensive effort, and clearly a lot of research and study has been included. Thanks to all involved.

I liked the note that MTB are the majority users of this area and that according to research bike trail damage is unmeasurable/equivalent to foot traffic (although of course this is on a "per user" basis and self-evidently 400+ bikes a day do damage trails at Manly Dam).

I also liked the observation that trail closures can be counterproductive in "land conservation" terms.

What other groups have put in submissions?

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Thanks for your comments, and yes, what you say is true and I hope evident in the report.

Don't know what other groups were contacted but when the agency publishes it's recommendations based on what was received will no doubt discover this.

Will keep all posted of course.

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really appreciate the time and effort you guys put in on behalf of people like me. thank you.

(imagine if there were some more quality designated trails around...the load on current few trails would be 400 bikes/day at manly becomes 200. the trail gets better to ride and better for the environment).

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Just had the time to read this after being away, there's a wealth of infomation there that is nicely presented. Great job to all. With any luck your hard work will come to fruition.


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Been lurking but have kept my head down .
Had to put my 2c in
congrats Rob and all who had a hand in this report , an amazing submission I hope the "suits" can now see the human and $ side of our passion and act accordingly in the communities interest and give the bush back to the people who actually use it.

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Exhibition period: 10 September 2010 - 7 October 2010

Community comments are invited on the draft plan of management for the Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve.

The reserve includes Crown land at Oxford Falls, Beacon Hill, Ingleside, Belrose and Cromer which is mostly under the trust management of Warringah Council and Lands Administration Ministerial Corporation. The reserve covers an area of approximately 520ha.

The plan aims to establish a clear management direction for the reserve providing practical, achievable and sustainable management strategies and actions. The draft plan is based on the significant environmental and recreational values identified for the reserve and sets out suitable future land use options where appropriate.

Area's of interest found so far: Page's 24-25,63-68,84-85,88,90,94.

We simply need to send a submission as below in favor of NOBMOB Group response found in Appendix B (Stakeholder Consultation).

And make sure your submission is unique,thoughtful and in line with IMBA guidelines.

Community feedback is now invited on the draft plan and written submissions should be addressed to:

Area Manager, Sydney

Crown Lands Division, LPMA

PO Box 3935 Parramatta NSW 2124

or emailed to [email protected]

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Just sent my supporting email ...

Thanks for adding the list of upcoming events BTW.

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Just put mine in.

Even before reading through Appendix B I could see that the people involved in writing the NobMob submission have made a tremendous effort to get such a thorough and well thought out document together. After reading Appendix B I certainly hope that NobMob and the Land & Property Management Authority can develop a positive working relationship. I found the NobMob submission very positive while remaining diplomatic and hope that LPMA see things the same way.

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Email sent

nrthrnben's picture

Email sent!

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Don't forget it's the last day (last 4 hours!) to comment. It's too easy, this is what I said:

To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve Draft Plan of Management

Dear Andrew,

I am writing to comment on the Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve Draft Plan of Management document that is currently on exhibition.

It is my belief that if the recommendations put forward by the Northern Beaches Mountain Bike group (NoBMoB) in appendices are followed this would be of great benefit to the community and environment alike.

Please do all you can to support and enable the provision of mountain bike facilities in the area.


Name, address, email and telephone number given.

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BTW, please do not confuse this PoM with anything to do with National Parks and the current discussion paper. If you can, please comment on both.

This, the Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve Plan of Management is mainly concerned with crown land in the Oxford Falls area.

Whereas the current NPWS Discussion Paper is relevant state wide and is far more important due to the influence NPWS have. If you can only muster up support for one of these efforts, make it the NPWS Discussion Paper.

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Email sent

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Re:Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve Draft Plan of Management

To whom it may concern,

We fully support the introduction of sustainable Cross-country/All mountain and Downhill trails within the area's available.

We support a mountain bike park style area, which becomes a valuable asset to the entire community.

Sustainable downhill trails are a must, they are severely lacking

Trails built to IMBA standards of sustainability and fun are what is needed.

We support the proposal put forth by NOBMOB

Feel free to contact me by email or on the mobile below for any further suggestions

Kind Regards,

Contact details given

ps's picture

Your being far to polite!

Just tell them they are slackers and need to get off their lazy backsides, comment on both and then turn up tonight at the national parks forum in turrammura. It worked for daniel schipper recently when he complained about trail status updated so should work for you as well.


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