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Report gone to Minister for Sport & Rec

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By Rob - Posted on 21 May 2009

Well, after all the work various people put into our response to Oxford Falls POM it only seems right that we bring some of it's findings to the attention of various pollies.

It's not that this information is anything new to us, but it's never been written in a bureaucrat friendly way before.

Anyhow - I sent (or rather took - they are just down the road after all) the report over to Minster for Sport & Rec with a cover letter pointing out that cycling is the 3rd most popular sport, off road riding makes up 70% of that and we basically have bugger all facilities in Sydney.

I asked that they create some proper planning and facilities for the sport and pointed at the plan the South Australians have.

Let us see if this helps any.

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I knew we had limited facilities but reading the original Oxford Falls POM really highlighted how bad it is. Quite pathetic really compared to other areas.

Fingers crossed.

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Though it's sad that you have had to do the work for the bureaucrats (who are paid using our tax money). They should be leading the way on encouraging healthy activities and a pleasant environment - instead they just act as roadblocks.

Good work though, and the right approach given the circumstances...



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I tend to be a professional lurker on the forum but thought this was worthy of a post. Whenever trail advocacy is spoken about you are on it and persistence is the only way to get something done when it comes to non vote winning issues.

So thanks again.


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We do appreciate all the work you do for us


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Rob, great response. Thanks for your work.

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