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Riding around Mossy Point and Mogo

Hi, I'm off to stay with friends over Easter at Mossy point. Does anyone know any trails in the area? There is a mention of Mogo on a previous line but there wasn't a lot of detail to the person who doesn't understand the area.

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Angry Doctor 100km first time - advice needed.

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Well, I've been riding for a while, but not this far. I ride for fun at Awaba and Ourimbah, but this 100km event has me a little worried. 50km would be fun! 100km? Why did I bother listening to you Andrew..... So, any advice?

1- Is there overtaking/passing etiquette?

2 - Do I really need some vasoline?

3 - Dust mask?

4 - Extra equipment to carry besides chain lube, tyre puncture repair kit, etc ?

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Transport to Angry Doctor/Irate Intern

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Saturday, 12 September, 2009 - 12:00
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Mogo State Forest
Meeting Point: 

St Ives Patterson's Patisserie - 237 Mona Vale Rd St Ives there is a car park over the road where you can easily leave your car for the weekend.

237 Mona Vale Rd St Ives

Sydney based riders who want a lift to the South Coast, here’s your opportunity. If you don't want to be driving off the road on the way home here is the trip for you!

The trip will leave on Saturday from two different locations and come back Sunday night. St Ives is the first collection point, address as listed above. The other meeting point on the way South will be North Sydney, Bike Bug Depart 12:45pm (120 Pacific Hwy North Sydney), parking is readily available in the area. Departure times could be earlier if people are going for the Nasty Nurse Prologue.

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Angry Doctor 12-13th September 2009

Entries open this Friday! Don't make the same DW mistake and miss out!

Call me optimistic, but I'm signing up.... Shocked

Better hit the rehab HARD, something to aim towards!!

Best 100 I've ever done! (albeit the only one Sticking out tongue)

See you all in Mogo!! Smiling

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A good day out

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Irate Intern Result - 3h:25m.54
Place 30th of 142 Open Mens
Place 74th of 304 Irate Interns

What a day! Who would think the rain of the prior few days would break out into a fine, clear sunny day? After all the huffing and fussing about rain, mud, and tyre choice, we show up for a fantastic ride in what you would have to call perfect XC trail conditions.

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