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single tracks

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Partial Win for Down Hill Single Tracks at Old Bathurst Road, Blue Mountains

The Door has been opened, but nothing is offical yet. Check here and read the reports.

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Already planning an encore

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Wow! What can you say about this trip... this place... that can do it justice? I guess you really can't so this will probably seem a bit short:

It seems like an age ago that a very brave Supagav posted up this trip and left it open to all. Amazingly brave but it worked out beautifully, and many thanks to him and V and the folks over in NZ for taking care of so much of the organisation.

This was a bit of a strange experience for me to be honest. Usually taking care of every detail of a trip, but this time was able to just turn the brain off and wonder around, eating when food was shoved under my nose, getting in the van when everyone else did, sleeping when tired, pedalling when there was a hill to climb and grinning like an idiot when there were sweet, flowing berms to follow. It was all a blur, but that just about sums it up!

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Bantry Bay

I have heard rumor that Bantry Bay is now re-opened..... Does anyone know??

Mogo State Forest

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Single Track - Enclosed:
2 for 4.5km (100%)
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Snake Track 2

Miles and miles of the sweetest single track you'll find. When climbing the often brutal hills remember what comes up must come down - and when it comes down on flowing sniggle what's not to love?!

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FSR n+1 [Specialized HotRock]

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Welcoming another Spesh FSR in the family...

I was looking for a suitable bike upgrade for my 10 year old son - to move from his heavy steel bike so he can join his older brother Benji (12) and me on the trails...

So I couldn't resist as his 10th birthday came up...

"2007 SPECIALIZED HOT ROCK 24" Full suspension mountain bike "

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TONIGHT: Social Night Ride: Terrey Hills [Perimeter + Long Trail]

Friday, 30 May, 2008 - 19:15
Ride Database Entry: 
Terrey Hills / Duffys Forest
Meeting Point: 

Terrey Hills Tavern - Eastern Car park

2 Aumuna Rd, Terrey Hills, NSW 2084 (Terrey Hills Tavern)

Social night ride - Perimeter & Long trail [Everyone welcome - paced to accommodate newbies, too!]

Moderate pace...still recovering from the MTB overnighter... we can give an update on all the anecdotes from the fabulous Blue Mountains trip, the epic single tracks and funny campfire tales...(and plan the next one)

Naturally we'll have a cleansing ale at the Tavern afterwards (since we missed out on Bernd's homebrew!!!)

See you this eve...


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lake parramatta

Any one know there way around parra lakes thats keen for a ride this arvo ?

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South Sniggle

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South Sniggle

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gps trails

hi ,does anyone have an idea where i can download gps maps of trails in nsw to a garmin.cant seem to get any from google earth and dont think the trails on this site can be done either.??? thanks bri

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