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Bantry Bay

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By beyondkiu - Posted on 12 December 2008

I have heard rumor that Bantry Bay is now re-opened..... Does anyone know??

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bantry bay is still on the naughty list. just dont let santa catch you!
i am curious to know where you heard that though. i could be mistaken...

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I heard that also through mates.
Apparently the signs are down and the boulders removed. I still haven't ridden it since it got put on the naughty list as I assumed vandals removed the signs and boulders.
Thought I would have heard 'officially' thru here or farkin if I could ride bantry bay.

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Did the Manly Dam Bantry bay loop this morning
Dam was a bit damp around allambie area
Plenty of people crossing over and doing the loop
A Council sign at the start showed that motorbikes were banned
Nothing about mtn bikes,but don't know the full council stance on this one?

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Bantry Bay is National Park (it's in Garigal National Park). Riding single trail in National Park is illegal unless explicitly sign posted as a bike track (visit RNP for some of that stuff).

If you don't like not having legal access to single track in National Park write to your MP and also write to the Minister for Climate Change and the Environment.

If the signs about no MTB are gone from Bantry Bay that's because some vandals will have removed them. Which means the rangers will have to go back and spend more time and money putting in new signs. The sign looked like this when they put it in:

Banty Bay illegal MB track sign - near Ab site closure

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