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Wheelbarrow Ridge Road?

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By Rob - Posted on 11 December 2007

This looks like a bit of fun, anyone game?

It's up near Wisemans Ferry, although you would be driving up to Lower Portland via Windsor most likely. Looks like a nice training ride for 100K events. Smiling

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for a ride up there sometime after christmas. There appears to be a interesting spike at about 28mile in.

lorrie's picture

But the big question is when?????

Looks like the calendar is really full until mid-late January. I think we may have to start real early to avoid the heat too like 6ish.

Looks like there is some short sharp climbs too!!


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67km is a long way. Possibly too long for this little black duck. I agree with Andrew, this may be a late January or February ride. The next month is pretty full guys.

I think that this 28km spike must be an error. Otherwise, I will need to get a shuttle run to the top. Eye-wink

But I bet the downhill stretches will be awesome! I am glad most of the hill climbing is on the first half of the ride. Do we know of any locals that can tell us anything about this track?

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when you click on the dashboard icon his time comes up for the ride of only 3:46:39 and an average speed of 17.9kmph very doable

pikey's picture

....67 km is only three Terry Hills. If you wore the correct amount of Lycra you would S%&t it in Cool

Caro's picture

and should be a walk in the park for you now that you are off brewers yeast Eye-wink
Am looking forward to next year then already! Smiling

evan's picture

I could be arm twisted into doing this Smiling

pikey's picture

Maybe we should consider a sleep over the night before?

We could share a non yeast beer with Rob Laughing out loud


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Hmmmm... this is a good plan, but by the time you've packed up and farted about how much time would you really save?

Google says the start is 1h35m drive for me, and it's often faster than they say (strangely Eye-wink) so 6am rise should see us on the trail 8:30, which will make for a hot ride but is doable, non?

Controversial - how about doing this on Australia day? I'd imagine people have plans that weekend so tell me to stop being silly! Sticking out tongue

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"Once the yeast is added to the cooled beer, you should bottle and cap as you normally would." second last paragraph.

Sorry Rob.

Harry's picture

Stuart you have way too much time on your hands

Stuart M's picture

I mean how can he live without it?

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Have to go to a wedding that day.
Some people/men just do anything to make it easier for them to remember their anniversary!! Smiling

Little-Ditty's picture

Resisting... an... arguement...

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doing it with a fellow yorkshireman who cant drink beer?????? sorry guys, thats just dispicable!

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Did this ride ever happen?

I used to live on wheelbarrow ridge road a life time ago, would be keen to do this ride. It's just fairly boring dirt roads. There's some Aborigonal carvings and other interesting sights though.

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