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Gazza unorganized

Gazza not too organised on Sunday morning with stuff everywhere!

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gazza crash site revisited

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The kicker on the left was where I took off, where I'm stood is where I was supposed to land. Unfortunately I fell short and kinda, urm, well, upside down! The hour afterwards was the most painful of my life so far until a week of morphine in Canberra hospital made me a little more relaxed and 10 weeks off work gave me a beer gut (or was that the beer?) now I have a right arm that wont straighten, bruised ego and less confidence.

Any advice to new riders out there? Don't listen to idiots like me, go hard and enjoy!

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Gazza showing the correct way to put on lycra and pose at the same time Smiling

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Gazza & Kath at the creek crossing

One smiley face and one worried face !

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im world famous!

got a message from a friend on facebook who desighns the site for my old bike shop back home and have a custom roadframe ( and had many xc mtb's made in the past) from. they have about five photos rotating on their homepage and im on one of them. might seem lame to you guys but it means a lot in centimental terms to me!

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Tinsel Gazza

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gazza's back!!!!

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For those who know me, I'm back! For those who don't, I had a nasty accident in Canberra on the APEC long weekend early in September. I thought I was 21 again and tried a jump that might have been a little above my limits.

Anyway, after a week in Canberra hospital, a broken left arm and a real bugger of a dislocation with ripped tendons, nerves and muscle in the right (so painful I didn't even realise I'd broken the left!) I've been recovering slowly and still haven't got full movement back in the right arm.

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