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BMORC 6 + 6 male 3's 4th place

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Just a few quick points from the weekends race;
- Team BMORC re-grouped for the first time in 12 months, around the anniversary of one member nearly dying in a car accident.
- I got sick on the Thursday before the race and struggled all weekend but still managed some OK times. I popped a Sudafed each day so I guess I'm a drug cheat according to the new banned list.
- The solo 24 riders were sent off first which made our opening lap interesting to say the least - at least I got to chat to Gazza most of the way around.

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Ever thought about entering an MTB marathon?

Cycologically Challenged!

Many thanks to all the keen competitors from last weekend's Convict 100 race who took the time to blog about the event and share their stories. There were indeed some fantastic efforts and great yarns.

It's not fair to single anyone out - every participant makes an event - but is always good to share a photo so here's Tristan riding the infamous bridge. Have a look at Cycologically Challenged! to hear how he went.

Great to see so many riders keen to share like this, and so many comments of appreciation, encouragement and congratulations. This is what MTB is about to many - a huge challenge out in the (relative) wilds with mates and strangers alike. Strangers who, after a ride along the Woomerah Range, somehow you will have a special connection with forever. If you've been there, done that you know exactly what I'm talking about! Eye-wink

For those not sure about trying an event like this, take a look at the blogs on the Convict 100 2014 page. Just don't be put off too much. Remember: nothing worth doing in life is ever easy!

Also remember that blogs like this build into a handy reference of event results in a tab on your profile and you don't have to write an essay to do that.

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OS Racing Travel Insurance

FYI: Velosure now does Travel Insurance that covers you in races! When you call, ask for Pat.

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Dh racing

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This got posted over at rotorburn in response to a kid asking what he needed to know before heading to a DH race. As a race oganiser it cracked me up so I thought I'd reshare it.

OK, this is what you need to know:

1. Always stop in the most ridiculous spot possible where other riders can't see you as they approach. Trust me, they'll appreciate it.

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probably an expensive race!

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driving up to the central coast this morning i kept looking at the clouds and worrying. a spit here and a shower there! i was more worried about the race being cancelled than anything else.
just as i turned off the freeway, the heavens opened and it was terrential rain! OH DEAR! i nearly turned round at this point and drove home but as i was nearly there i thought 'bugger it' its only a bit of rain!!!!!!
i arrived and was glad to see a good gathering of fellow mtb'ers/nutters had also said 'bugger it' too!

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Revolution takes on Twilight

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hey all. Just got off the phone to JT from Revolution magazine.

He's just heard about our twilight series and was so taken with the concept hes bringing up some photographers with the goal of running a story in the next mag. He want it to focus on grass roots, characters and up and coming riders. All the things that make the sport

Anyway at this stage they are going to aim to get out here for the round on the 19th of January so we need a big roll up to show how popular it is.

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What it takes to beat Gordo

In case you wondering what it takes to beat Gordo, this was just tweeted by the Rockstar team

4 those wondering what it takes 2 beat Gordo. Ride 100k on MTB Friday. Race & win Sunday. Wake up 3.40am Monday ride 5 hrs. do same everyday

Sounds easy hey?

More at

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4x / Dual Slalom Racing

Can anyone comment on the Dual Slalom race that was put on by Rocky Trail Entertainment in March ?

Looking to ride/race this weekend but can't do the 4x do to shoulder and big jumps and not fit enough at the moment to do a full XC race.

Was it fun/good racing?

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