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Need ideas for trails around St Albans

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By jimnobob - Posted on 31 August 2009

I'm off to St Albans with a few friends at the weekend and looking for recommendations as to which local trails to ride. Currently thinking about doing Great Northern Road combined with Western Commission Track. This is my preference having done the Dirt Works but it may be a bit too much for the others although they are all fit just not used to mountain biking. Does anyone know of any other trails that will take approx 2 to 3 hours and still offer a bit of a challenge? Is it possible to ride the last section of the Dirt Works trail which starts with the 2nd of the big climbs?

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Is it possible to ride the last section of the Dirt Works trail which starts with the 2nd of the big climbs?

Yup. Just ride down the west side of the river (St Albans Road). Head South from St Albans until you reach the bottom of the 2nd big climb. According to Google Maps this is 14.6km.

Then climb up the hill and ride along the ridge and down Jacks track. You know the way, right? Eye-wink

Make sure you turn right at the bottom of Jacks Track back to St Albans. Cross the bridge and head straight to the pub Eye-wink

The ridge top track is 11.8km. Jacks track is 7.4km and 1.9km from there back to the bridge. That's 35km all up.

There are other possibilities in the area but all are epics and probably not suitable for someone not used to riding a mountain bike.

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That's the one - perfect! And some nice climbs to help prepare for the angry doctor although I won't be telling the others about those Eye-wink

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Is not such a bad idea. Going up jacks track is a good workout for the legs. The last bit then becomes a fast:ish undulating downhill ride which is quite enjoyable and then back on the road to St Albans.

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They made us go up Jacks the first DW:

Dirtworks Climb

Actually, they need to do the first year's course again as it had 3 hard climbs and a great technical descent off this ridge (which we went up the second year IIRC).

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lovely trail if you can put in the energy.
the first part is so steep but well made
the second part is so cut up by the bikes and 4WDs there's a lot of walking
and more walking cos of the long steepness
Western Commission trail is a real doddle after all that but it ends in very hot brakes and a gate, make sure you don't paraglide the gate.
and it leaves you a fair way from St Albans, I did it from Wisemans.

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