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Ourimbah conditions

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By psd - Posted on 09 October 2009

Anyone have any thoughts on what conditions are likely to be on the xc track at Ourimbah on Saturday (assuming it doesn't rain too much today/overnight)?

Gosford's had rain as follows (maybe a bit less at Ourimbah as further inland?):

Sat 03/10/2009 13.8
Sun 04/10/2009 15.0
Mon 05/10/2009 4.0
Tue 06/10/2009 8.6
Wed 07/10/2009 7.0
Thu 08/10/2009 1.6
Fri 09/10/2009 0.4

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shouldn't be too bad, the occasional puddle in the usual places, although i haven't been there or anywhere else for that matter in 3.5 weeks ,but at last i have my bike back so i'll be out there tomorrow arvo, as long as we don't get too much rain o/nite

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I'm also planning to do a couple of laps tomorrow arvo. Agreed it drains well except the beginning of the loop could be a bit muddy.


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I'm hoping to get up there for the first time on sunday, so if you guys make it on sat then pls enlighten me as to the conditions when you get back!



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I only managed to do 2 laps today as it was raining from 2.30pm. The first lap before the rain was great, smooth track and few puddles but the second lap was a whole different story - water all along the Roller Coaster Sad If it doesn't rain overnight it should be OK tomorrow - whatever, the bike will get a bit muddy.


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And guess what? It's been raining up here all night. And still is. Enjoy your ride if your game... it'll be muddy over at Ourimbah I daresay.

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